Adelaide Airport trials Rohde & Schwarz QPS200 millimetre waves body scanner

April 24, 2017 by SX Technologies

Adelaide Airport trials Rohde & Schwarz QPS200 millimetre waves body scanner.

Unlike body scanners currently used in most Australian airports —enclosed booth in which passengers have to raise their arms while a mechanical arm rotates around them—the QPS200 manufactured by R&S and exclusively distributed by SX Technologies in Australia offers an open and transparent scanning environment. With a silent operation, no rotating elements, and a comfortable position for the passenger that only needs to stand and hold his/her arms slightly away from the body, the new body scanner provides a more relaxing and enjoyable customer experience.

Because millimetre waves do not penetrate the body, the image captured can present a detailed view of the surface of the body beneath clothing. Although this is ideal for detecting almost any concealed object, including non-metallic weapons or explosive materials, there are obvious privacy concerns. R&S QPS200 presents a technical solution to these privacy challenges by completely automating the detection of concealed threats. No human-body images are presented on a screen for an operator to view, and no image data is stored. If a concealed object is detected, the system indicates its location on an avatar instead of displaying the passenger’s own body.

Scanned of a standing person with systems user interface overlay

When the R&S®QPS security scanner reports an alarm, the location of the object is marked on an avatar, a symbolic graphic of the human body. No image of the scanned body is seen or stored.

Millimetre-wave scanners can detect threats concealed under clothing, but conventional systems revealing body details can potentially violate the privacy and dignity of travellers. Hence high quality imaging in combination with intelligent image processing, can insure the required performance in a convenient operation. By removing any need for security staff to view any of the images captured, and using advanced high-speed electronics capable of near real-time performance to eliminate any need to store such data, the R&S®QPS technology offers an effective solution that can be accepted by the travelling public while enabling faster security checks with fewer errors and greater ability to detect genuine threats.

SX Technologies is proud to trial such an innovative technology with its partner Adelaide Airport from mid-April to mid-May.


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