Machines are learning to find concealed weapons in x-ray scans

December 21, 2016 by SX Technologies

Rapiscan is working with University College London (UCL) to integrate a solution using artificial intelligence to automatically identify illicit objects such as concealed weapons on board cargos at Ports into Rapiscan's Eagle Series of cargo-scanning solutions. The UCL system can examine each X-ray image in 3.5 seconds vs 10 minutes for a human operator.

Rapiscan has the cargo-scanning solutions needed to keep potentially hazardous material, narcotics and contraband out of parcels and pallets, while still keeping global trade moving at a brisk pace. Rapiscan's Eagle Series can operate on rail as the containers move along at 15km/h providing quick scans of densely packed containers. Up to 6 MV X-ray imaging system easily penetrates dense and densely-packed cargo as well, which may otherwise have to be manually inspected.

SX Technologies is the exclusive distributor for Rapiscan’s People Screening; Baggage & Parcel Inspection; Trace Detection; and Hold Baggage Screening product lines in Australia.



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