SX Technologies deploys next generation walk-through metal detection at Adelaide Airport

March 24, 2017 by SX Technologies

Adelaide Airport adopted next generation walk-through metal detectors at their domestic security checkpoint on 1st March 2017.

With more than 8 million passengers annually, a forecast of more than 18 million passengers by 2034, and a vision to become a top tier business centre in Asia Pacific, Adelaide Airport can rely on its new partner SX Technologies and the Rapiscan Metor 6E walk through metal detector technology to securely process their growing number of passengers.

Adelaide airport building

The Metor 6E uses a unique multichannel technology combined with powerful processing capacity. This allows for fast collection of information from multiple metal items passing through simultaneously and accurate threat resolution based on the characteristics of the items.

Some of the key benefits of this technology include:

  • Seamless passenger experience: traffic lights that utilise international signs for ‘STOP’ and ‘GO’ to facilitate controlling the traffic flow and make the passenger experience seamless.
  • The traffic lights are integrated into the crosspiece to provide the best possible visibility.
  • Real-time monitoring: Adelaide Airport can manage the traffic and alarm levels of the walk-through metal detectors connected on the network, including potential high traffic to help allocate resources in the most efficient way possible.
  • Customisable reporting capability: passengers and alarm figures for a specific period can be easily extracted in pdf and shared instantly with the Airport’s operations and security operators.
  • Accessibility: the software and its monitoring function are accessible over a standard web browser from any platforms (mobile phone, tablet, etc.), allowing access from the security checkpoint or remotely to the Airport’s staff.

Adelaide airport terminal

Earlier this month Adelaide Airport announced they will launch Australasia’s first cloud hosted airport management system. SX Technologies, jointly with Adelaide Airport’s Security and IT team, is proud to have deployed a future-proof walk-through metal detection software that will evolve and easily migrate onto Adelaide Airport’s forthcoming infrastructure.

SX Technologies is an independent, flexible and experienced Australian owned company providing cutting edge technologies and solutions for protective security challenges and is extremely proud of its evolving relationship with such a dynamic and innovative airport.


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